Five Key Advantages of Advertising on Baidu

China has one of the largest online communities in the world with an Internet user base of 840 million and counting. And Baidu is the largest search engine in China with 76.05% market share. Advertising on Baidu can help you reach millions of Internet users. Here we look at five key advantages of Baidu advertising (

Baidu covers 95% of Netizens in China

Baidu holds a large search engine market share in China and none of the competitors close to it. When you advertise on Baidu, you can easily reach a large number of Chinese consumers looking for services and products in your business category.

Baidu holds 59% of the desktop search market. The local search engine covers 95% of Chinese Netizens and there are more than 1 million searches daily. The search engine has more than 80 million alliance websites and hundreds of billions of Chinese webpages which allows Chinese Netizens to instantly find the information they are looking for.

Accurate Finding of Target Customers

Baidu advertising can give rapid exposure to your brand and the result is the target audience would easily find your brand when looking for similar products or services. Baidu PPC is highly effective and offers a faster digital promotion of your brand with immediate results.

Baidu paid to advertise can rapidly bring quality traffic to your website, generate inquiries, enhance visitor numbers, and drive online conversions and sales. Baidu’s advertising tools are built entirely around the customers and it offers fantastic features to leverage that includes

· Newsfeed ads

· The Baike Wiki

· Image and video search

· Zhidao Q&A

There are several other features of paid search like Broad match, phrase match-core phrase, phrase match-synonym phrase, and exact match. The broad match feature in Baidu advertising will trigger your ads by search words that are relevant to your target keywords even if the characters are not specified in the keyword.

Baidu will also show your ads when someone uses a phrase that has the same core meaning as your phrase. These features help in increased exposure even when users are not using exact target keywords you have used in your marketing or PPC campaign. In other words, Baidu PPC will help in increasing website traffic that ultimately helps in conversions.

Good Return on Investment

Online advertising is a great way to increase the visibility of your business. When done right, Baidu advertising can bring you good traffic and help increase conversions. With Baidu advertising, you can expect a good return on your paid advertising.

Anyone who uses the Internet to search for products and services in your business category is most likely to use Baidu for their search. You can plan your paid advertising campaigns to include popular search terms and phrases used by Chinese users on Baidu. This will direct consumers to your Chinese website and you can reap rich rewards in the form of higher conversions.

The paid search features like Broad match, phrase match-core phrase, phrase match-synonym phrase, and exact match will ensure your ads are displayed on SERP even when someone uses relevant keywords. All this can lead to a greater increase in traffic and your business will experience an increase in sales.

Cost-effective Marketing

Businesses can cost-effectively advertise on Baidu. Baidu follows a pre-pay model for ad credit and the minimum initial credit deposit is $2000. If you compare the average cost-per-click of Baidu, it is lower in comparison to Google. The average cost-per-click on Google Ads is $1 to $2 for the Google Search Network whereas the average cost-per-click on Baidu is in the range of 0.5-1 USD. However, the costs can go up in case of a competitive niche.

Availability of Helpful Resources

When it comes to advertising in Baidu, there is no shortage of helpful resources. There is a variety of tools and features that can help businesses reach their customers in the best way possible.

Baidu offers a keyword planner and several tools can help businesses analyze the data and plan their advertising campaigns for a better success rate.

The search engine landscape is different in China. Baidu is one of the key digital marketing platforms for businesses and the first port of call for running advertising campaigns in China.

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