Reasons Why Baidu PPC is Considered a Recipe for Success

The #1 Search Engine in China: Baidu

Did you know that Baidu shares more than 80% of the market share in China today? It is the Chinese equivalent of Google (that’s right; the Chinese don’t Google). Even though there are some strict regulations vis-a-vis Baidu marketing, when it comes to Chinese marketing strategies, Baidu campaigns are “must-do” SEM activities for all (especially those looking for a way into the Chinese market). Opting for Baidu PPC (adstochina.westwin/baidu-ppc) is a good option for businesses of all kinds: you can ensure that the brand is being promoted efficiently to the target audience, while the customer gets a taste of the authenticity of your brand through Baidu advertisements! A win-win situation, if you think about it…

So, let’s talk about why Baidu PPC is considered to be a recipe for success. Well, we have already paved the pathway for you: Baidu is China’s biggest search engine. Therefore, Baidu campaigns are crucial for business success in China. How does one go about that? Is it easy for new-comers in the market to swoop in and make this a possibility? Let’s find out. 

First thing’s first…

Choose a professional SEM agency of your liking

If you’re new to the Baidu marketing method, remember that there is nothing wrong with seeking out help. The first step of the Baidu marketing method involves localizing your website (if you already have one) and changing the content to appeal to newer crowds. The search engine marketing needs to be flawless (inclusive of the Baidu PPC), for which professional assistance is always beneficial. An expert SEM agency is your best fit. 

Many companies do not realize the importance of keywords or phrases in their content, as well as the quality of advertisements to appeal to certain crowds. SEM companies, on the other hand, know the precise steps that need to be taken to make this a success. They make use of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and PPC (Pay Per Click) in an effortless blend to push the client’s website to the top of the Search Engine Result Page (SERP). 

Believe it or not, it is not terribly difficult to find SEM companies in China. Just keep in mind that you’re looking for professional experience and technical perfection over all other factors. 

Baidu PPC: Result- Oriented Promotional Activities

Keep in mind that the search engine hovering above the Chinese market is Baidu and not Google: a fact that slips the minds of many! Google may be a global leader, but in China, it has little to no power. Hence, the importance of Baidu marketing (and more importantly, Baidu PPC) comes into the picture, which offers result-oriented promotional activities. 

Baidu = Authentically Chinese

We’ve established that Baidu is the preferred search engine in the Chinese web marketing space. So, how do you get your brand onto Baidu? 

This process involves a precise number of steps. First off, registration and certification. There is a stringent set of rules to follow, most of which is just to prove that you are not part of an illegitimate business or similar trading companies. Baidu PPC requires just as many formal procedures and even some legal documents. These measures add up to the veracity of the concerned website or app. Some may question the requirement of all the official documents, but it appeals to the customer. When they see that the services are authentic, they will show interest in visiting the website and buying the products or services. 

But beyond the tedious documenting procedure, your entire website (or mobile app) needs to become China-friendly! This requires a full translation (or localization) of the website, which makes it viable to the average Chinese citizen. Additionally, try to make advertisements, videos, relevant social links, and the content, in general, more personalized to the Chinese customers. Attractive, subjective and personal promotions always crop up the best results.

Baidu PPC: A Recipe for Success!

Always remember that in order to reap the best results, you must sow the right seeds with remarkable consideration. Baidu advertising and PPC is far beyond a simple task; as seen in this very article, it involves a tedious amount of steps and is an exhaustive process all in all. The important thing to remember is to be patient. Baidu PPC has a tremendous effect in the Chinese marketplace, but don’t expect miracles overnight. Make your brand appealing, comprehensible, and relatable through localization, and wait for them to be amazed!

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