The Ultimate Guide to Weibo Advertising in 2020

Weibo Advertising – Beneficial for Chinese Marketing

Social media has become an unavoidable part of human life in this day and age, and people across the globe are getting involved in such online platforms actively. Hence, all such sites have become a worthy place for varied promotional activities. By active involvement in such public participation platforms, companies will be able to interact with the existing and potential customers, which will be very beneficial. Marketing through social media sites is one of the main advertisement-strategies that companies will have to follow as far as the Chinese market is concerned, as elsewhere in the globe. Weibo is one of the well-accepted social media sites in China, and active participation in Weibo will be very much fruitful for companies. Weibo enjoys a massive reach, and by going for Weibo advertising (, companies will be able to attract new customers, and simultaneously, can retain the present clientele.

The Ultimate Guide to Weibo Advertising in 2020

• Weibo, the top micro-blogging network, gives businesses a practical leeway to interact successfully with their clientele. Advertising through Weibo is one of the best promotional activities that companies can make use of to make their online marketing efforts in China thriving. It is possible to conduct extensive marketing campaigns, through which companies can convey all the pertinent details regarding the plus points of their products to the Chinese population. In short, businesses can create comprehensive brand awareness among all customer segments.

• Sina Weibo is the Chinese twitter and is one among the popular social media platform for micro-blogging. Because of the high acceptance and volume of visitors, Weibo is the right platform to communicate with customers through micro-blogging and enhance brand awareness among the different customer segments. It will not be hyperbolic to say that when you start your account right with Weibo, half of the marketing efforts are over; your company is sure to get a big start as regards the brand promotion.

• According to a rough estimation, the number of active monthly users comes around to 13 million, and there are almost 2 billion average daily video viewers. The best part is that virtually 90% of the Weibo traffic comes from mobiles, and this, in the practical sense, means that a substantially high percentage of the population uses this site daily. They use the site even while on the move. Moreover, the average posts that occur in Weibo in a minute come around to 64,000. Weibo is a winning platform for promotional activities in China. In brief, Weibo advertising is a guarantee for business success in China. It is possible to share all the details that are relevant as regards the company products or services with your existing and prospective customers through Weibo.

• Weibo has an integral power advertising mechanism, which helps the branding process easy and effective. Besides, when compared to the other available options, this method is cost-effective. The combined effect of these factors makes Weibo advertising highly popular. This advertising method also gives advertisers the leeway to target the users who have participated in the earlier marketing campaigns, which practically means that companies will be able to retain their existing clientele.

• It is also possible to make use of the KOL marketing method via Weibo advertising. You can make business agreements with ‘key opinion leaders (KOL)’ by providing gifts or pay, whichever they agree to, for promoting your products or services. One special aspect about Weibo is that there is a business relationship with the online portals such as Tmall (Chinese website for B2C promotion) and Taobao (Chinese website for online shopping). This feature gives the freedom to KOLs to post the product links or promotional coupons straight away on the related pages of such online portals.

• Weibo lottery is another method. You can incorporate Weibo lottery into the marketing campaign, wherein the customers share the lottery; this method will augment the visibility of your brand considerably.

• The B2B cross-promotion is a different method; here, you can collaborate with another business to create brand visibility.

That said, practically, to make the Weibo advertising successful, you must hire the services of a professionally capable SEO company. The company must have relevant experience in marketing in the Chinese market.

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