WeChat Marketing- Why it is Successful?

For companies, WeChat is known as the mobile WhatsApp of China. If you are among the companies looking to invest in the Chinese market, then WeChat marketing is the first way to market in China.

Here are a few reasons why businesses should consider WeChat marketing (adstochina.westwin.com/WeChat-Marketing) for their brands.

Reaching active users

WeChat has more than 1 million active users each month that businesses can’t ignore the massive potential buyers of this platform. Being enormously popular among the Chinese population, WeChat also penetrates Western brands and is multiplying.

Build up a lifestyle platform

WeChat is neither China’s WhatsApp nor Facebook, as it is more than that. Instead, it is a unique lifestyle platform that has many apps rolled into one. From online shopping to paying bills or playing games and making video calls, WeChat is a go-to app for almost everything. Besides the social media network, WeChat allows marketing to gain valuable customer data with personalized communication.

Distinctive features

WeChat has a few innovative and exciting features to connect brands with customers. One such feature is the Shake function, which allows offline businesses to communicate with the customers when they shake their nearby phones. Users need to shake their phones physically when they see the screen. The app then connects to offline businesses and other people at the same moment.

Easy customer service option

When customers have questions or complaints about businesses, they don’t need to call or write an email. Instead, WeChat offers to expect prompt response and social media channels over traditional ones. Companies with the help of WeChat serves as an all-in-one platform as a part of the customer service strategy.

HTML5 campaigns

The HTML5 campaigns help brands to host unique experiences from their Official WeChat Accounts. Using your WeChat marketing objectives, you could create a survey or quiz to customer leads or an interactive experience that offers promo codes of unique information.

Integrate a variety of Third-party Apps for work

WeChat app also offers a variety of accessible features for ordinary users. Apart from marketing, WeChat also provides a chat option with others, post images or videos, and share links. In the case of marketing, you can use the WeChat work app for business purposes.

The work communication option offers business communication to the third-party and has everything you need to manage a business on WeChat. From customer relationship management to human resources and training to reimbursement, WeChat has all integrated tools to promote your business and reach your audiences.

Marketing campaign

WeChat also presents a lot of opportunities for your business. You may use WeChat analyses to examine the efficiency of your ads. Measuring the performance will help you play new strategies, gather data, and check for your social media marketing campaign’s aspects to know about your improvements.

Engage with customers and prospects

WeChat is an excellent platform to communicate with both existing and potential customers. Communication is accessible with full of opportunities. If you want to send a message, all you need to do is select a person on your contact list, hold the button, and speak. While doing so, you may leave a short message to that person.

Open an online store.

WeChat offers to open an online store for your social media marketing campaign. Similar to Facebook, you can also start an eCommerce business in WeChat. You can see your followers with quick and easy access to the online store through WeChat and its eCommerce features. You can connect with your potential and existing buyers and manage customer service features through WeChat. You can also message and send a notification to your customers to enhance your customer engagement level.

Utilize a refined search engine

WeChat provides you to expand your online presence by utilizing relevant keywords and maintaining an official account.

Banner Ad Campaigns

Banner Ads appear at the bottom of articles published on WeChat. It helps your target audiences by gender, age, location, and specific types of accounts where banner ads are displayed. The account can prompt business from audiences who follow the WeChat account, buy a product, visit landing pages, and download an app. These standard banner ads consist of the brand logo, official account name, and call to action.

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