What are the Benefits of Working with an Esports Agency?

Ten years ago, had someone told you online gaming would become a multi-million-dollar company boasting one of the largest audiences in the world, you may not have believed them. But that is exactly what has become of the online gaming industry. The esports industry is valued at $900 million, some experts forecasting the competitive gaming market to break the billion-dollar mark in the near future. Millions of fans around the world sit down in front of their computer screens to watch online matches for their favourite competitive, player-versus-player games. The popular team-based game ‘League of Legends’, for example, drew in over 100 million views during the World Championships in 2019 – nearly as many viewers as the Superbowl. Nine esports teams around the world have a net value of at least $100 million. Just a few years ago Robert Kraft, owner of the New England Patriots, bought an esports team for $20 million. Business is booming, and the tech-wave is only prospected to keep on rolling. For brands looking to get in on the action, an esports agency can help fine tune your marketing strategies.

For Players

With big industry comes the need to craft a strong brand to pave your way and make your mark. Esports fans are known for being loyal and dedicated to the brands and personalities they follow, but the digital audience comes with its own unique set of challenges. An esports agency will help you build your brand and online presence, turning your passion into a vibrant career.

There is more to branding than simply having a few social media accounts and a logo. Good branding creates a story. It brings you and your audience closer together in a shared journey of growth and excitement. In the new age of advertisement, connecting to your audience is more important than ever before. People want to feel connected. They want to be there, not only as a fan or consumer, but further as a teammate. Working with an esports agency can help you build meaningful connections with your fans and establish a loyal community who are always in your corner.

For Business

The esports industry has also created a large market for businesses. In 2019, Esports Ads was launched to catalogue both endemic (brands that create products used in game-production or for playing games) and non-endemic brands engaged in esports. The public database is one of the largest marketing databases in the world, and can offer a glimpse into how a diversity of brands and products have found success by marketing through the esports industry. For a brand to find success in this niche market, however, their marketing strategies must be engaging and clever. Esports audiences can be a fickle crowd to please, more less grab their attention. By working with an esports agency, brands can have insider knowledge on the best approaches to marketing to a global online audience.

Through sponsorships, big name brands have worked to push the scape of esports, and tournaments can be reminiscent of professional sporting events. With the increase of advertisements and sponsorships, the prize pool for esports is swelling, the 2019 Dota 2 International prize pool climbing to a high of over $34 million. Some of the more common brands that have succeeded with the esports crowd include brands related to computer parts and accessories as well as energy drinks. Coca-Cola, Redbull, and Mountain Dew, for example, have engrained themselves within the market by sponsoring events and tournaments for some of the largest gaming companies in the world such as Blizzard Entertainment and Riot Games. That being said, brands that aren’t directly related to esports have also found an avenue to this digital crowd through esports as well. Automotive, telecom, and apparel have all utilized the growing esports audience to strengthen their brand and make a few extra bucks. Brands that are not directly linked to gaming need to work harder to craft marketing material that caters to this audience, and working with an esports agency can be a beneficial and lucrative venture for brands looking to plug into the digital market.

Esports has cemented itself into popular culture and is quickly becoming one of the largest industries in the world. Millions of fans participate in events, and this participation is made incredibly accessible through the platform of online media and online games. Not only is esports drawing in millions of fans around the world, it is further making a once elusive audience more reachable. Through an esports agency, brands can have a direct link to a massive audience of loyal and passionate fans. These loyal fans come with their own challenges, and any brand hoping to tune in needs to adjust their strategies and marketing efforts to appeal to this niche computer savvy crowd. The effort is well worth it.

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