What Can Digital Marketing Agencies Do for Your Business?

China is likely to become the most powerful country in the world in the coming years. Taking a cue from the way the economic winds are blowing, a growing number of foreign countries now want to expand their business operations in China. However, in this, they often come up against language and cultural barriers. To ford these and tap the massive Chinese market, these companies need to work in collaboration with reputable Chinese digital marketing agencies.

In China, digital marketing agency collaboration can help your business in the following ways:

They can assist you in setting up your business in China

Setting up your business in China can be a complicated process. The Chinese government has specific rules and regulations that foreign companies must comply with if they want to operate in the country. Navigating through these can be difficult if you don’t know the language well. A competent and experienced China digital marketing agency, however, can walk you through the entire business application and set-up process, and make sure that you are following all the necessary legalities.

They can help you to reach your target audience in China

On the face of it, the 854 million and growing internet population of China offers enormous marketing potential. However, the marketing will only work if foreign companies can reach the right target audience with their advertising campaigns. For that, you must carry out in-depth market research and identify your target audience. You must then segment this audience by location, interests, age, gender, income, and other criteria. By knowing who the audience is, what they like, and what they want, you can customize your advertising campaigns for maximum effectiveness.

They can help you with social media marketing in China

Social media is one of the quickest and most effective ways to reach your target audience in China. However, since the Chinese government has banned foreign social media companies, you will need to get official permission to open accounts on leading Chinese social media platforms like Wechat and Weibo. When you work with a digital marketing agency, they will handle everything from opening social media accounts for your company to managing them daily.

They will assist you in setting up your brand imagery and planning the right content marketing strategy. They will write social media posts that are relevant, trending, and non-controversial, and scheduling posts so that they can get optimum exposure.

They will help improve your engagement with the target audience

It isn’t enough to put up on social media posts; you must also actively engage with your audience. That can be problematic if you don’t understand the language. Even if you are fluent, you might miss out on local and regional references, or end up making an unfortunate faux pas that could offend local sensibilities. By collaborating with a digital marketing agency, you will have an easier time of managing your company’s social media interactions.

They can help you with search engine marketing in China

Alongside social media marketing, you also need to do search engine marketing to raise your brand’s online profile in China. You will need official permission here well, and that is why working with a digital marketing company is so crucial. They will set up your PPC advertising account on Baidu and other search engine platforms in China. Additionally, they will assist you in creating and putting up eye-catching promotional banners. They will also help with writing attention-grabbing advertising copy and in producing informative marketing videos.

They can help you to analyze your marketing performance in China

To remain on top of your marketing, it is necessary to track the performance of your social media and search engine advertising campaigns. The digital marketing company will track and analyze the impressions your posts receive, the conversions your posts make, and their bounce rates. Based on their analysis, they will make recommendations to improve your company’s marketing performance.

As you see, in China, digital marketing agency assistance is invaluable for nearly all business aspects. They will help to promote your products and services and make your brand a household name in China. You will be able to gain new customers, build a loyal brand following, and reap huge business profits.

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