Why Does Your Brand Need a Digital Agency?

Ever since the beginning of the computer age, advertising has changed. Sometimes this change is gradual, sometimes it’s rapid. No matter what the change, however, they are total. There has rarely been a time in the history of advertising where what worked ten years prior works the same now, and this is even more true today. In fact, what worked five years ago in today’s world is often completely unusable now, which is why many companies around the world are turning to a digital agency Austin.

When it comes to making digital campaigns that not only work today but that also take full advantage of the tools and landscape available, there is nothing better for a company than a digital agency. These specialized advertising and marketing agencies look at the world with a digital-first mindset. So instead of wondering how a billboard placement can help drive customers, a digital agency in Austin will think about how to connect with people on their devices, on their computers, and then in the clients’ storefront, whether that is digital or physical.

Digital agencies in Austin are transforming the world of marketing and advertising. Here are a few reasons why companies are turning to digital-focused agencies, and how they can help your business reach new levels of success.

1. Digital Agencies Understand Touchpoints

Did you know that the number of touch points before a conversion has increased nearly tenfold in the past decade? A touch point is a moment someone connects with your brand, whether they see an ad or a sign or are recommended something from a friend or family member. Those used to have a significant impact but today those touch points have become noise on someone’s phone or computer.

The right digital agency in Austin understands that you need to not only increase the number of touch points in a campaign to connect with people, but that you also need to increase the potency of those touch points. Rather than trying to inundate someone with message saturation, digital-first agencies have mastered the art of capturing a person’s attention more than once, driving them to conversion faster and with more confidence.

2. Using Data to Your Advantage

We can measure almost anything and tailor audiences to almost anyone. This is not an exaggeration; this is the reality. Today’s marketing tools and advertising platforms can track where people are heading online, what they search for, where they frequent, and much, much more. With so much information, it is possible to craft campaigns that capture very specific groups. That means dedicated campaigns that target with surgical precision. No more advertising to the disinterested. The right digital agency in Austin can craft campaigns that catch people who are primed for your messaging.

3. Capturing Attention Across Platforms and Devices

In the early days of digital advertising, the campaigns would often put ads on multiple platforms, like Facebook and Google paid searches, and hope that people would see each independently and then make a choice. Today, that sort of marketing has given way to drip marketing, a specialized form of marketing strategy that sends, or “drips,” a pre-written set of messages to customers or prospects over time. These can come through many different platforms, but a digital agency in Austin will tell you that the power of today’s marketing is that you can trace these campaigns and capture individuals while following their journey. That means targeting people across platforms with a cohesive campaign rather than small, independent campaigns. The result: people see you active across platforms in a way that is familiar, that makes sense, and, most importantly, that makes a lasting impact.

4. Memorable, Shareable Content with a Purpose

Word of mouth remains the single most potent and effective means of advertising in the world and marketing professionals have been trying their hardest to crack into word-of-mouth since the beginning of advertising. Today, word-of-mouth can come through the share button. When people share content, they are often endorsing it, and that means sending your messaging through someone to other people. The secret is to create shareable, likeable, and memorable content that people want. The right digital agency in Austin can create that kind of content, giving you further reach as people click the share button and get your content seen by the masses.

With the right digital agency in Austin, you can create digital campaigns that make an impact, broaden your reach, and create conversions in a shorter amount of time. That is the power of a digital-first agency: to take the tools of today and help your business reach new levels of success.

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