Three Things to Consider While Choosing Ad Agencies Specializing in Financial Services

Every company knows the role of advertising, but what some may not fully understand is the degree to which advertising continues to evolve. Compared to the advertising of the past that was commonly done through print media, television commercials, and radio, the modern advertising landscape has introduced new players to the field. To keep up with the fast-paced advertising environment, companies need to ensure their ad campaigns are relevant and effective by using the right channels for the right messages. Financial services are no exception. Working with an ad agency specializing in financial services is an ideal approach to expanding industry branding, but there are three main points to consider when searching for an agency to partner with.

Do they have Experience in the Financial Advertising World?

First and foremost is understanding an advertising agency’s toolkit and what they bring to the table. Advertising agencies specializing in financial services will come equipped with financial world knowledge and an understanding of financial marketing elements. Having an ad agency specializing in financial services and regulations, disclosures, compliance, and guidelines will ensure ads are relevant and effective. In addition to understanding the financial industry, an ad agency with experience in the field will have a working knowledge of the audience.

No audience is the same, and the best advertising agencies know this. With different industries comes different audience expectations. Effective advertising will tap into a target audience to create meaningful advertising narratives that bring audiences closer to brands and in turn, the company’s behind them. Advertising for financial services will not be the same as, let’s say, advertising for a car dealership. By working with an ad agency specializing in financial services, a company can take confidence in the agency’s knowledge of audience needs.

What Gives them a Competitive Edge?

When looking for an ad agency to trust a company’s brand to, it makes sense for companies to want the best of the best. There are many advertising agencies out there with unique skillsets and portfolios to boot, but financial service leaders should look for qualities that make an ad agency stand out above the rest. A few assets to look for in an ad agency specializing in financial services include experience within the industry, the ability to collaborate, and an innovative approach to advertising.

What’s the Word on the Street?

The best indication of an advertising agency’s work quality is the portfolio and recognition in tow. By examining previous campaigns, a company can get a handle on an agency’s style and the tone of an ad agency specializing in financial services. The best agencies will have a diversity of industry examples to showcase. The ability to create compelling advertising for a variety of customers is a good indication of an ad agency’s ability to collaborate and adapt to a wide range of messaging.

Through close examination of previous campaigns, a company can get a better sense of what an ad agency is all about and how their work is received. Did the campaign accomplish what it set out to do? Was the response from consumers positive? Portfolios talk, and companies looking to partner with advertising agencies need to listen. In addition to companies doing their own homework on potential agency partners, they can also check for recognition the agency has received. There are several awards for advertising campaigns, and the best ad agencies specializing in financial services will have a few trophies to show off in their display case.

Getting the Most from Advertising

With all things considered, finding the right advertising agency to promote a brand will come down to different factors specific to an individual company. What is the end goal for the advertising campaign? Are there preferences to how this goal be achieved? Are there potential risks or repercussion that could come in response to advertisement? Before partnering up with an advertising agency, it is important a company first understand their own brand and lay the building blocks for the strategy they wish to implement. The best ad agencies will be ready to sit down, collaborate, and create a meaningful narrative to captures the true spirit of a company. With the help of an ad agency specializing in financial services, companies in financial services can connect to audiences in a more open and meaningful way.

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