Qualities of a Good and Experienced Digital Marketing Company

Many foreign companies struggle with language and cultural issues while expanding their business operations in China. Since Chinese consumers prefer interacting online in their language and are sensitive to cultural nuances, you will have limited success in trying to get by solely in English. It becomes essential, therefore, to collaborate with a competent and experienced digital marketing company. Along with vetting your advertising campaigns and social media engagements, the digital marketing company in China will ensure that you remain compliant with the government rules and regulations that are mandatory for China-based foreign businesses.

How do you find a good and experienced digital marketing company, though? Here are some qualities to look for:

They understand how to identify and connect with the right audience

With an 854 million-plus population of internet users, the Chinese market promises immense business potential. However, not all these people will be interested in your products and services, and you will end up wasting time and money if you foray forth without adequate market research. By finding out who your target audience is, what they desire, like, and need, and how you can reach them, you will be able to improve your chances of marketing success. 

You can use the research data to segment prospective customers by age, gender, location, income, buying habits, interests, and other parameters. And you can then create customized advertising campaigns that are more likely to catch the attention of your target audience and lead to more conversions.

While such research may be something you can undertake on your own abroad, a lack of language skills will make it tricky in China. Even if you are fluent in Chinese, you may not be aware of many cultural and social nuances, references, and trends. As that can have a definite impact on the success of your advertising campaigns, it will help to work with a digital marketing company in China.

They know the ins and outs of search engine marketing

Before you can engage in search engine marketing to build your brand profile in China, you need to get governmental permission and set up an official PPC advertising account. Along with assisting you with these, a reputable digital marketing company in China can create promotional brand banners, write marketing copy, and produce video advertisements. Additionally, they can boost your marketing efforts with promotional events and collaboration with social media influencers. Given their native language skills, advertising experience, and market knowledge, they will do a professional job that will benefit your brand.

They can undertake and improve social media engagement

It isn’t enough to open accounts on leading social media platforms like Weibo and WeChat. You also need to create the appropriate brand imagery, plan out effective social media content, create a posting schedule, and reach out to and engage with your target audience. The digital marketing agency in China will work with you in all these aspects to get the best outcome from your social media engagement.

They will research, plan, and implement an effective content marketing strategy

To attract and retain your target audience, you need to have the right marketing content. It shouldn’t just promote your brand, but also highlight its advantages and persuade people that they need to choose your products and services over all others. The digital marketing company in China can help you with brainstorming ideas, planning a content calendar, and creating content for different online platforms.

They will track and analyze the marketing performance of your brand

To improve your marketing performance, you need to know how many impressions and conversions your online posts are generating. You also need to keep track of the bounce rate. By analyzing the data, you can assess your overall marketing performance and pinpoint the things you need to improve. The digital marketing company can undertake the tracking and analysis for you and make recommendations that could help you garner better marketing results.

Hiring the right digital marketing company in China can make a significant difference in your brand promotion. You will be able to create a positive brand perception and attract more potential. By building a loyal consumer following, you will be able to make your brand a household name in China.

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